Electronic Smart Toilet Bidet with Heated Seat, Off-Seat Auto Flushing and Dryer, One Piece Bidet with Self-Cleaning Nozzle, LED Night Light

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Upgrade your bathroom experience with our Electronic Smart Toilet Bidet! Enjoy the comfort of a heated seat and the convenience of off-seat auto flushing and drying. The self-cleaning nozzle ensures a hygienic clean every time. Plus, the LED night light adds a touch of luxury to your nightly routine.


Customized Comfort: Smart toilet with adjustable water pressure, temperature and spray head position, providing rear, feminine and massage cleaning. In addition, there are four levels of temperature-adjustable hot air drying, allowing you to have a dry and comfortable end experience.

Instant Warmth: Stay comfortable all year round with our constant temperature heating system. This advanced technology provides insulation for the toilet seat, water and dryer for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Automatic Flushing: Eliminates the need to touch the flush button with your hands. Our toilets automatically flush when you step away or touch the sensing area with your feet. Additionally, the remote control allows easy control of flushing and cleaning methods.

Luxury Smart Toilet: Transform your bathroom into a luxurious space with our high-quality ceramic technology and smooth glaze. This luxury smart toilet is designed to be durable and remain intact for many years, making it the ultimate choice for upgrading your bathroom.

Easy Installation: Install our smart toilet according to our detailed instructions and accessories.


Color: White

Material: Ceramic

Type: Smart Toilet

Product Dimensions: 27.7"L x 17.5"W x 20.3"H

Item Weight: 88 lbs

Power Line Length: 58.6"

Control Type: Remote Control/Side Button

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