Metal Leaf Rake Set, Comes with Large Leaf Scoop, 2 Garden Bags, 1 Pair of Work Gloves, Leaf Clean-Up Tool

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Keep your yard tidy with our Metal Leaf Rake Set. This set comes with a large leaf scoop, 2 garden bags, and 1 pair of work gloves for efficient clean-up. Made with durable metal, our rake set will make your leaf clean-up a breeze.


Leaf Rake: The leaf rake is made of aluminum tube and carbon steel wire, lightweight and durable. Widely used for leaves, grass clipping, lawn debris, and trash clean-up. The length of the rake can be adjusted from 32" to 47.5" and the gardening rake head can expand from 7.5" to 21.5" in width. Collects leaves efficiently without bending your back.

Hand Rake Grabber Tool: With the Leaf Scoops, You can easily scoop up large piles of leaves, grass clippings, plant trimmings, mulch, lawn debris, trash, and sharp items while protecting your hands from dirt and sharp twigs.

Garden Dustpan-Type Bag: Our bags are good for all sorts of yard chores, storage, and recyclables and allow you to swallow a huge capacity of garden, and household waste and collect leaves, weeds, grass, kindling, and logs for the campfire.

Work Gloves: Garden gloves are made out of rubber polyester material that is water resistant to keep hands comfortable and dry. Ideal for the gardening industry, DIY, repair, fishery, transportation, automobile, or jobs requiring extra grip.

Great Value Package: This Gardening Leaf Rake Set comes with 2-pack heavy-duty collapsible garden bags, 1 pair of Leaf Scoop, 1 Leaf Rake, and 1 pair of Garden Gloves. A complete set contains everything you need for yard cleaning.


Material of Lawn Leaf Rake: High-Quality Stainless Steel

Rakes Adjustable Length Range: 32"-47.5"

Rakes Adjustable Width Range: 7.5" - 21.5"

Leaf Scoop Size: 35.4" x 16"

Garden Bags Size: 26.4" x 30"

Package Includes: 2 x garden bags, 1 pair of Leaf Scoop, 1 Leaf Rake, 1 pair of Garden Gloves

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