Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 5L w/ Auto Shut-Off Adjustable Mist Output Double 360°Nozzle Negative Ion, Black

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Humidifiers are adopting ultrasonic cold mist technology, and uniform atomization of water vapor, so the mist will not wet other furniture. And use power-saving design, the time can last up to 14h.


Negative Ion Mode: The air humidifier features an optional negative ion mode. Negative ions can purify the air, and create a clean and safe zone.

360° Double Nozzle: 360° double rotating nozzle with 2-direction mist output which sprays a super large. The simple dial knob mist control design meets your different humidifying requirements.

5L Tank Capacity: The cool mist humidifiers with 5L large tank. You don't need to add water frequently. The air humidifier automatically shuts off when the water level is low to ensure the user is safe.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: The humidifier lowers the noise level to 35dB for quiet humidification without disturbing your study, working, or sleeping, away from those nasty noises.

Applicable Scenarios: Moist air can improve sleep, be good for indoor plants, and improve air quality. Can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, nursery rooms, and even for offices.


Material: ABS+AS
Power consumption: 22W
Water tank capacity: 5 liters
Mist flow rate: 300 - 400ml/h
Continuous use time: 10-14 hours
Size: 8.3" (L) x 10.6"(W) x 15"(H)


1. Do not add any additives to the water or tank.

2. Do not disassemble the main machine for repair or debugging without permission.

3. Before cleaning, watering, or moving the humidifier, turn off the switch and unplug it.

4. Please unplug the humidifier when it is not in use.

5. Do not put the humidifier in the bathroom or other overheated environment.

Super Quiet Humidifiers - Up to 14 Hours Use Time

Stay away from dry air and get close to fresh air

Constantly turning on the air conditioner creates dry air and dries out the skin and eyes.

Scientific research shows that the humidity that the human body feels comfortable is 40-60%

Effectively prevent problems caused by air drying.

The room humidifier has a capacity of 5L and can run for 14 hours in low mist.

With a control knob design, you can adjust the output of mist to a comfortable and healthy humidity level.

Just turn the knob to find the right mist level, which is more accurate than pressing a button.

With an automatic shutdown function, automatically power off when the tank is out of the water and can be safely used at night.

SKU: KM3665

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